Ruslana Kolisnyk

Presentation type : Young Talents session

Country : Ukraine

Ruslana Kolisnyk

Biomimetic restorative dentistry – creating controversy in the dental community.

The realm of contemporary dentistry is experiencing a paradigm shift towards embracing practices that prioritize the quality and longevity of dental restorations. This transition, characterized by a meticulous adherence to biomimetic principles, marks a significant move away from the traditionally cost-efficient but less durable methods. Biomimetic dentistry, a concept that has stirred a spectrum of reactions within the dental community, from passionate support to cautious skepticism, is nonetheless emerging as the cornerstone of advanced restorative care.


Ruslana Kolisnyk graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, in 2017, After that she started her dental career as a general dentist in Norway. In 2020, she moved to Belgium and is working there since. In 2021 she joined Biomimetic program by David and Davey Alleman. Currently she is practicing Bio-inspired Advanced Adhesive Restorative Dentistry in Belgium, a field that uses cutting-edge techniques for natural-looking and durable dental restorations.
Her dedication to the field extends beyond her practice; as a hands-on instructor for Mimétika, she shares her knowledge with other dental professionals.
Ruslana actively pursues further education and training both within her country and abroad.

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